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From la Habana to Harlem

This is a companion website to Revolutions: from La Habana to Harlem—a Novel.
Revolutions: from La Habana to Harlem—a Novel is complete and going through the editing process. The novel has been on a long journey, from the first whisperings I heard from the child narrator who insisted that I tell her story her way, through years of writing while being part of a thrice-yearly group run by an editor, and—at last— through finishing a long manuscript and on to editors, beta readers, and copywriters. Along the way, it has been rewritten and restructured many times, leading me to undertake a course of study to become a structural editor myself.
More news of its journey and upcoming launch will be posted on this page.
In the meantime, enjoy the content, which is the result of extensive research.

Revolutions: From La Habana to Harlem–A Novel is a coming-of-age historical drama set against the dramatic upheaval of the Cuban Revolution and the cultural revolutions of 1960s in the United States.

When a young AfroCuban girl departs La Habana in the 1960s after the Castro-led Revolution with the beloved grandmother she calls Mamá, she arrives in a bitterly cold Manhattan and meets the mother who abandoned her at birth. Ripped from one world and forced to find her place in another, Evolín battles racism, sexism, and loss in a multicultural quest for belonging and independance.

January 1959

February 1959

March 1959


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